About the association Pacha Mama

Our association is dedicated to the ancestral tradition of Pacha Mama, Mother Earth. Our spiritual path was created by our Master Juan Camargo Huaman, and we share with him hisgoal to make known the tradition of the Andes with it’s profound wisdom. We support his project PAQARINA en the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.

We work together to strengthen our inner being by studying the spiritual laws of Pacha Mama. We respect her rhythms (ceremonies of the seasons), and make use of these precise dates for certain practices of our inner development. Whe know about the qualities of the seasons and there relation to the humans and the development of their inner being. We know about the sacred qualities oft he mountains, rivers, lakes and trees as we understand all kingdoms of nature, and we use the energy of the elements with their spiritual aspects.

We follow the spiritual path of Pacha Mama, the ancestral path of the Andes, and thanks toour Master K’anchaq Uma we descover the spiritual power of nature, of cosmos andeverything around us. These powers with their profound beauty are WITHIN the nature of human beings. For example inside of us we carry minerals, plants and animals of nature, which we need to live.

We also want to allow others to regenerate through nature; for that reason we organize workshops, teachings, symposions and meetings with organisations who are interested in the protection of Mother Earth. The gains of these activities go to the project PAQARINA in Peru, Cuzco, Yanahuara, where will be a place of a new awakening in this era, where nature, science, culture, philosophy and spirituality will be in harmony.