The project Paqarina

„PAQARINA“ in the andean tradition means a place of regeneration in all dimensions of the body. It is a place of light on the spiritual level where harmony and peace develop. It is also a place of studying science, culture, philosphy, spirituality and ancient knowledge. All this is united in PAQARINA. After the time of occupation all PAQARINAs in the whole kingdom of the Incas disappeared. In this new era the foundation of a PAQARINA in the tradition of the Andes is of great importance because the centre of all is Mother Earth. For that in Yanahuara (Cuzco, Peru) the first PAQARINA since the time of the occupation is opened for all persons who want to learn more about the mysteries of Pacha Mama and the Heavens (Hanaq Pacha). We are very happy that now the first steps for the construction of PAQARINA in the wonderfull Sacred Valley of the Incas are made. Thanks to the constant work and dedicationof K’anchaq Uma Juan and other persons who feel attracted by Pacha Mama and nature, westarted to construct the roots of PAQARINA.