In the centre of the philosophy of the Andes is the relation to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth): Her being is female – she feels and gives like a mother, while we are her children.

The concept of motherhood can be understood as something sacred, as a service to humanity. Because only through a woman spirit can enter matter and be born as a human being.

The Divine Mother in Egypt was ISIS, giving birth to HORUS; in buddhism it is the Goddess MAYA, who gives life to BUDDHA; in Mexico she is called QUEEN OF THE HEAVEN, who gives birth to QUETZALCOATL; for the christians JESUS comes to earth through MARY.

That’s why it is IMPORTANT, to acknoledge the own mother, because she gave us life.

The harmony with our mother is important. It is the point of departure to be able to relate with Pacha Mama. Mother Earth doesn’t only lend us our body for a lifetime, she also gives us everything we need to live and to develop in body, spirit and soul.

From a profound point of view the human being, as the earth too, is compound by the four elements of fire, water, earth and air.

This inseparable connection between Pacha Mama and the human being is very profound. So the contamination of the elements of nature corresponds with the contamination of the personality of humans. The explotation of minerals of Pacha Mama causes a weakening of the human body. The quality of the waters represents our soul, or our emotional state; the quality of the air represents the quality of our thoughts.

All our feelings and thoughts have an effect on Mother Earth. Because she feels through us, as she is our mother.

The only element which cannot be contaminated is fire. Fire represents the divine light – the spirit within the human being.

No matter which tradition we follow – we are all called to integrate the female qualities of harmony, goodness, brotherhood, humility and dedication within us and reestablish a conscient relation with Mother Earth and the Heavens.