The principle of give and receive

The first principle of life is to give and to receive

This principle can be understood by respiration which allows us to survive. Inspiration is the act of receiving, expiration is the act of giving and retention stands for respect. So we should live our relations with respect.

We receive everything that we need to live from the earth. In the ancient traditions it is still known that we should give the best of every harvest to Pacha Mama, so she will go on producing. In the tradition of the Andes there are many forms how to maintain this harmony with Mother Nature through rituals, songs, dances, prayers or offerings.

But giving and receiving between Mother Earth and us, her children can be looked at in amuch deeper context. We, as human beings, have „forgotten“ this exchange, and now theharmony of Mother Earth is in danger. Every creature in this world can feel that.

The ancient concepts of the Incas who in their profound philosophy put the Pacha Mama to the centre of all their thoughts and acts are more important than ever before.

Only when we humans reestablish this conection with the earth we will be able to find our own nature as we are part of the earth. This means that we have to give more importance to our own earth – that means to our body and personality, the soul. In this way we make an important contribution for the regeneration of our own harmony and in consequence for the harmony of Pacha Mama and humanity.

The profound concepts of the philosophy of the Incas can be a big help for us to live in a healthier way, to be conscient of gratitude and humility for Pacha Mama and to feel responsible for peace and harmony.